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Science-Electronics Education Program

What students need today is more Science-Electronics education.

You can easily add a Science-Electronics unit to your program. You do not need prior experience in electronics. This program teaches about circuits, resistors, potentiometers, photocells, diodes, speakers, SCRs, transistors, integrated circuits and more.

Your students will love it. It will motivate your students. Students get excited when they can actually build circuits out of discrete components. Students really like hands-on experiments and these lessons will help them in their future careers in the highly technical world.

We have created a way for you to offer a Science-Electronics unit in your classroom and you can add to it each year as you have the budget. It is safe and easy to use. All experiments are powered by a 9-volt battery so there is no need for soldering irons or special equipment.

We offer our Lesson Plans with student activities for you to print out and also online student lessons with video content.

You can have the student work on their own with our online lessons
You can teach the students as a group using our written Lesson Plans.

If you would like to see sample lesson plans and Parts Kits. just let us know.
Any questions, just give me a call or send me an email.

Mr G Gibson
Mr Circuit Technology Company
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